Mindful moments

As well as group sessions around London I also offer a Mindful Moments session for busy workers in their corporate environment.




A Mindful Moments session contains

  • 5 minutes of  check in, bringing the groups attention inward to how they are feeling in mind, spirit and body and establishing an emotional bond within the group

  • 35 minutes of Vinyasa flow yoga designed around your staff’s wants and needs ( e.g movement to relieve back pain linked to sitting at a desk for long periods)

  • 20 minutes of mindful meditation and stress relieving techniques to be used in everyday life

 We train our brains to be fully present throughout a session, a technique to be continued into work life to get the best possible outcome of day to day work tasks. The benefits of a Mindful Moments session in your work place are endless but include:

  • Bonding and improved team morale - A group session brings everyone together, increases trust between members of staff, and incorporates elements of fun and bonding among staff. This gift helps staff feel connected to and looked after by the company.

  • Less sick days - Yoga revitalises the immune system and the main organs of the body, improving health.

  • Less stress and greater control at testing times - Your staff will learn to handle stress and stay calm even at the most demanding times.  Through yoga we learn techniques to calm the mind and remain in control of situations so we are able to make decisions The meditation at the end of session also helps your staff find equanimity of the mind with long term benefits

  • Increase your staff’s energy levels and improve productivity - Yoga awakens hidden reserves of energy within your nervous, endocrine and cardio-vascular systems so that lethargy and fatigue are replaced by alertness and aliveness.

  • Find solutions to problems more quickly - Yoga harmonises the left and right side of the brain, meaning our logic and creativity can work together to find solutions to challenging situations.

  • Build a positive atmosphere - Yoga makes us happier- it’s a fact! Oxygen goes to the brain, and endorphins are released – people work better when they feel better.

Book your Mindful Moments session today with Charlotte, our yoga alliance professional teacher, spreading wellbeing and success around companies in London. Your busy work schedule comes first so book a slot at any point through the day to suit your staff.

Phone Charlotte Bilcliffe on: 07855 021570 or email charlottebilcliffe@outlook.com

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