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I found yoga when i was not in a great head space , i was full of stress , anxiety and sadness but luckily for me , i found yoga and and soon it all changed.I hope you may be on the same journey or maybe this is the beginning of yours !

I was already a dancer , i was doing a whole load of moving, it was the spiritual side of the practice that grabbed me and got me hooked. Yoga is full of self inquiry , flipping perspective and finding a loving kindness flow throughout our turbulent life. I used to think i needed things on the outside to get better to feel better ...... yoga has taught me just how messed up that way of thinking was ! Yoga is at least 5000 years old , its a practice filled with wisdom for living every part of our life , my aim is to keep studying always so i can share it with you too,

In my practice and classes , i always try to weave in a spiritual theme , so the asana part of practice can trickle off the mat and into our lreal yoga practice within our life. Depending on students wants and needs my classes may be hard core and sweaty or they may be slow and more meditative. They will always be , fun , creative , fluid , intuituve and usually be full of laughter and a sense of community.

I love to encourage my students to find their own intuitive movement throughout the postures in order to allow us to really get out of our heads and into out bodies and hearts.

I Enjoy sharing practices all over London , if your not based in London , then that is no problem ! I have you covered with FREE online practices on my youtube channel as well teaching private sessions to many clients all over the place via zoom .

I would love to hear from you via insta (charlottebyoga) or email me :
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